Un-Stars Of The 90s


Y’all remember Saturday morning cartoons with our cereal? After school watching cartoons. Late at night watching cartoons. We LOVED our cartoons. Like these were our faves—the highlight of our childhoods and then remember getting that little bit of joy when you see the black girl in the show? Like “oh, cool—there’s the one that looks like me!”

Often, it was just unspoken, but it made us happy even if the little moment was brief and even when they weren’t quite the star of our beloved shows. Most times, the Black girls or Black characters weren’t the star of the show. That’s why we loved The Prouds and why Penny and Dijonay made us happy.

This is for us. This is for the Un-Stars. We all loved THEM, too. The Un-Stars of the 90s by Hey Shani Paper Co. is where the Black girls of our favorite cartoons unite together for a pretty and magical aesthetic.

By Shani Aisha : )